At Clawson Truck Center, our managers work tirelessly to stay on top of the latest trends to provide you with the pre-owned trucks and SUV’s that are in demand and in the best condition. Because we know everyone has their favorite brand of truck, we make certain that if it’s a Ford F-150, a Ram 1500, or a Chevy Silverado, that it is in stock and ready for you to drive home. There are also times when some of our customers are still in the shopping phase and haven’t made that final decision on which brand they like the best. In an effort to make that shopping just a bit easier, we have compiled a list of our best selling trucks that include features to help narrow down your shopping choices. So whether your next truck is for work or play, use this to help fine-tune your decision.

If you have made the decision to buy a pre-owned truck then you are taking advantage of the depreciation that already happened when the truck was brand new. That’s a great money management decision. But there is more good news about trucks. According to the research firm, IHS Market, trucks are staying on the road longer than ever, with the average age of a car or light pick up truck rising to 11.8 years old. IHS Markit states that this in an average of a 4% increase over the last five years. Based on this increase I think it is fair to say that trucks are well-built these days and congratulations on deciding to buy one!



Now let’s look at all the options you have to consider when buying a truck. The different bed sizes, cab and drive configurations, the rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, gas and diesel options to choose from, and that doesn’t include new technology, safety features, fuel economy and reliability of the trucks. To ensure you feel comfortable with your purchase, Clawson Truck Center also provides you with the CARFAX report on the vehicle you are interested in. This will detail things like the number of previous owners, accidents it may have been involved in, and any maintenance that has been done.

If you are still worried about the conditions of the truck, we can reassure you that there is no need to be! Just read our previous blog on How Clawson Buys Trucks. The attention to detail and investment of time to secure the best vehicles for our inventory is the difference that separates Clawson Truck Center’s inventory from the rest. To reassure you that we stand behind the quality of our vehicles, Clawson Truck Center offers the exclusive Engine For Life warranty* with the purchase of every pre-owned truck or SUV. Our Lifetime Coverage is good for current plus 10 prior model years with under 100,000 miles. So, no matter which brand you prefer to buy, know that Clawson has you covered with our Engine for Life Warranty.

Get started with your research below, and then check out our inventory at, or visit our Facebook page or Youtube channel for more information about our inventory.


Let’s start with Toyota. The Tundra has a powerful engine and impeccable reliability and safety ratings. But if you are concerned with fuel economy or you are going to tow or haul with your truck, consider looking at competing models.

Get behind the wheel of the Nissan Titan and when you head out on the road you will find the Titan provides a smooth ride in a quiet, comfortable, high-quality cabin. If you are looking for a versatile work truck, the Nissan Titan should be on the top of your list as it also fares well in crash tests. Where it doesn’t compete is in it’s towing and hauling capacity.

If you are looking for a truck with a powerful engine you will find that the GMC Sierra offers some of the best towing and payload capacities in its class. This full-size truck offers many safety features and is rated above average for predicted reliability by US News & World Report. As dependable as it is under the hood, you can also count on a spacious and comfortable cabin. The GMC Sierra is an all-around great choice. 

I grew up in a Ford household, so this is my personal favorite truck. The Ford F-150 is arguably the most capable vehicle in the class and comes with an exceptional safety score. When you visit the dealership, don’t hold back in experiencing the F-150. Slide right into the cabin of the F-150  and you will find extremely well-cushioned seats and plenty of room. The only feature that I can’t rave about is that the cabin is just not as upscale as some of Ford’s competitors. 


The Chevy Silverado is another great choice and one of our top-selling trucks at Clawson Truck Center. The Silverado’s reliability, overall performance, high predicted reliability rating, and spacious, high-quality interior give my Ford- favorite a run for its money. Add to that, the power of the Chevy engine and its maximum towing and hauling capacities make this truck a top choice.


Finally, the Ram 1500 is another contender in its class featuring great towing capabilities, and undeniable comfort when you are in the cabin. Along with a great list of standard features, the Ram offers an excellent combination of value and quality among full-size trucks. 

Hopefully, this has given you some additional insight into refining your truck choices. When you come to the dealership we hope you will find that shopping for your truck is convenient because you can easily compare the features side by side without leaving the dealership. Our sales team is knowledgeable and ready to help you match the best truck to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Clawson Truck Center… helping you fine-tune your truck-buying decisions.

*Warranty for current plus 10 prior model years with under 100,000 miles. Warranty is non-transferrable. See the dealer for details.

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