When a pickup truck is towing something is usually exciting: moving to a new home, going on vacation, having an adventurous day. Some people might like towing, but most people do not feel comfortable towing things: the vehicle gets heavier, the blind spots are bigger, you must reduce the speed limit, turns can get tricky and trying to find parking is just a nightmare. The pickup truck commercials always show trucks towing things, but the reality is that many people are still scared of towing. Taking all that into consideration, trucks now are making towing easier and the more familiar you are with it, the more comfortable you will feel when it is your turn to tow something.

The advance of technology is helping pickup truck drivers with towing. Besides the standard backup cameras that most vehicles have nowadays, pickup trucks are now coming with enough technology to help you set up the towing. Even if you have or is interested in buying an older model, some trucks have labels to remind you how much weight it can be carried. Also, the internet is here to help you figure out how to tow the boat or the trailer your family needs for the summer. Some of the more technologically advanced trucks even have an app that you can link up with your phone: it will help you keep your truck and whatever is that you are towing protected, even telling you the weight and if it is a safe weight to carry.


Even if you do not count with that technology, here are some things that you can do on your own. A factor that has a big importance in safety is the brakes and wires. When you are towing something big as a trailer, for example, in many states such as California, you are required by law to add a separate braking system. The brake system does two very important things: it can improve your own control of the vehicle, and if something goes wrong and the trailer is suddenly not attached from the pickup truck anymore, it will stop on its own. There are two types of brakes: electronic and surge. The first one, attached to a controller and the second one, an independent break that activates with the momentum. Make sure to learn which one will work with your pickup truck and your towing system.

Another important part is to make sure you checked everything before your trip starts. Checking not only the pressure on the tires of your pickup but the pressure on the tires of the towing bed as well. The heavyweight can cause the tired to flatten, so before you take them out make sure they are ready to go. Clawson Truck Center welcomes any type of vehicle in our service department and we are happy to make sure you and your family are safe to go!

Still talking about safety, towing something big is really hard, make sure to practice backing up and making turns on your driveway before taking the pickup on the freeway. If you practice enough you will feel more confident, and the more confident you are, you will enjoy the experience more.

You should check the hitch ball regularly during your trip: it does not matter if you are going far or not. Make sure to check it if it came loose during the drive and if it is firmly attached to the drawbar. Finally, you have to keep in mind that whatever you are towing - big or small - it adds extra weight to the car. That weight will have an effect on your brakes. Make sure to leave enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you: it will take longer than you are used to for the truck to come to a stop.

Other than making sure your family is safe and you feel good before, after and while you are towing, enjoy the ride and where it will take you!

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