For this year’s Honda Week of Service, Clawson employees collected donations and volunteered with the Poverello House. We were originally expecting 2,000 items to be donated, but the employees of Clawson and the community went above and beyond donating 5,692 items: totaling at 4,700 pounds of donations!

We had the opportunity to volunteer at the Poverello House on June 8th and 15th. “The work the Poverello House does is incredible. The way they treat the people in need and how generous they are is something we don’t see everyday. It was a humbling experience and I am thankful we have got the chance to help our community” said Clawson Katie, who volunteered on both days.

Clawson Cares is very grateful for the opportunity we had to partner with the Poverello House and are proud of our employees for making this happen. Clawson sees this as the beginning of a wonderful relationship with Poverello House, and many other local organizations to come.

To see our other projects with the community, visit our Clawson Cares page. If you would like to donate to the Poverello House, you can find more information here.

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